In a game as exacting as golf, that is defined by paradox – relaxing yet frustrating, social yet solitary – everything hinges on the course’s design. In fact, it is said that a golf course is like wine. This makes Les Bordes Old Course a rare vintage. 

Painstakingly designed by the late legendary golf course architect, Robert von Hagge, it has been crafted, tended and meticulously matured to perfection. His creation, a homage to the visionary Baron Marcel Bich, has consistently ranked as continental Europe’s top course for six years running — and elevates the game to dizzy heights.

Alongside Les Bordes Old Course, we will create in a near future Les Bordes New Course, another Robert Von Hagge design. When he was tasked with its creation he wagered that the new course would become the top ranked course — meaning Les Bordes courses would occupy the top two rankings in continental Europe. 

To enjoy the challenge and complexity of this sport in its finest, most pristine form, on courses that capture the imaginations of the world’s finest golfers… This is a privilege that only those at Les Bordes will get to savour.

“It should unquestionably, undeniably, be in anyone’s top five courses in the world.”

— Golf World Magazine