Some say a sense of place can shape you. But could a place cross generations and speak to the heart of each, becoming all things to all people? An escape for the weary. An adventure for the playful. An indulgence for the discerning. Could it simultaneously hark back to a more carefree time of days gone by, and embody the epitome of contemporary finesse? The answer is a resounding yes. 

Welcome to Les Bordes. We are selectively setting the stage amid 1,400 acres. Creating the backdrop with the potential to design your life in the most exquisite way.


If you wish to experience Golf & Accommodation at les Bordes, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to organize your visit.

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Few would imagine that a 1,400-acre estate could take you back in time. With a developed footprint covering only five percent of the property, it means even fewer will get to experience the carefree seclusion, the security and utter peace that come with being at founder Baron Marcel Bich’s Les Bordes. Wind back the clocks to a time when children adventured freely in the woods. Populate their imaginations with red deer and pheasants. Discover a community where the joy of new friends becomes the comfort of familiar faces, lifelong friendships and family legacies. 

Les Bordes is a gift to be savoured and passed down through generations. It is a chance to create your legacy — in the heart of the Loire Valley.



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Many things are shared at the clubhouse. Fine cigars, rare whiskies, superb meals. Card games, drinks on terraces, or a bite in the outdoor kitchen. The truth is, these aren’t what make the Club du Baron so distinctive. 

It’s the feeling of homecoming as you sink into an armchair beside grand, leaping fires. The way the outside world fades away — and all that matters are the people around your table. The imposing tranquillity of the surrounding woodland. And the resulting peace that settles upon you. 

It’s not just the roaring fires, the private dining rooms, or the lounges. There’s no particular element to point to and say, ‘this is it.’ Yet, over time, you will uncover more distinguishing facets to the Club house as it becomes ever more rooted in your memory.



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Les Bordes Golf Course



In a game as exacting as golf, that is defined by paradox – relaxing yet frustrating, social yet solitary – everything hinges on the course’s design. In fact, it is said that a golf course is like wine. This makes Les Bordes Old Course a rare vintage. 

Painstakingly designed by the late legendary golf course architect, Robert von Hagge, it has been crafted, tended and meticulously matured to perfection. His creation, a homage to the visionary Baron Marcel Bich, has consistently ranked as continental Europe’s top course for six years running — and elevates the game to dizzy heights.

Alongside Les Bordes Old Course, we will create in a near future Les Bordes New Course, another Robert Von Hagge design. When he was tasked with its creation he wagered that the new course would become the top ranked course — meaning Les Bordes courses would occupy the top two rankings in continental Europe. 

To enjoy the challenge and complexity of this sport in its finest, most pristine form, on courses that capture the imaginations of the world’s finest golfers… This is a privilege that only those at Les Bordes will get to savour.

“It should unquestionably, undeniably, be in anyone’s top five courses in the world.”

— Golf World Magazine

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The Loire Valley, the Garden of France, is a grand old storybook waiting to be opened. The pages of years gone by are populated by larger-than-life characters — from artisans and peasants to barons and ladies. Their adventures centred around fine estates, such as Château Villandry, medieval villages and ancient vineyards. 

Today, the captivating stretch occupied by our Bich estate, and the bordering Vuitton and Guerlain family estates, is known as the golden triangle. Strike out from Les Bordes and author the new pages of this historical narrative. Develop the story through your culinary explorations, across famous vineyards and in bustling regional markets. Because the tale is far from over.




Les Bordes will keep your love of life burning strong. With something for everyone to do, you can easily pursue your passions together or apart, within the estate, or beyond its borders, during long lazy summers, or in the deep of winter. 

What’s more, on a storied and idyllic stretch of the Loire, neighbouring some of the estate’s exceptional homes, we’re designing The River Club. Here, you can enjoy the Loire River in a canoe, a kayak, a windsurf or, for the more adventurous, a jet ski. Come along on a summer afternoon when we’re barbecuing, or just savour the season’s best in the Club’s bar and restaurant.


Pursuits in or Near The Estate

4×4 off road driving

Cookery school

Organic gardening

Châteaux tours

Archaeological sites

Wine tours

River sports

Rock climbing

Helicopter tours

Glider flights


Jet Skiing

Boat trips on the Loire River

Paintball and laser games


Nature activities

Shooting and hunting

Fishing and falconry

Indoor/outdoor soft play area

Teen social club

Tennis academy

Football academy

Loire Valley cycle paths

Go karting

Children’s driving school




Flight times to Paris

London — 1 hr   |   New York — 8.5 hrs   |   Los Angeles — 11.5 hrs   |   Dubai — 7 hrs   |   Beijing — 10 hrs   |   Mumbai — 9.5 hrs

Flight times FROM London

Private Jet — Less than 1 hr    |     Helicopter — 1 hr 30 mins


Paris to Les Bordes — 1.25 hrs